Thursday, July 16, 2009

$400,000 to Design & Plan 160 Parking Spots?

That's what I said. Seems a little high. Also figured I'd like to know if any outside firms were contracted to do this brainwork. How many man hours were clocked on this project. Where'd the money go?

So, I emailed my old pal, Adam Levine, the press guy at the New York Department of Transportation.

July 15

Hello Adam, NY DoT is providing $400,000 to plan and design the 160 parking spots. I'm writing an article about what that $400,000 involves. When did the planning begin? How many people are involved? Any outside firms? Thanks!

To which he responded 3 minutes later:


I'm running around a bit today. I wonder if I can get back to you with some more info over the next couple of days. If not, I'll dig up what I can.
And just for clarification, when you say NY DoT, do you mean New York City DOT or New York State DOT?
Thanks, and have a great afternoon.
- Adam

So, it's been 2 days. I was crushed at work and didn't get back to Levine until today to reply that he he'd written in a July 2 email that the state would be covering the remaining $400,000. Haven't heard back yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

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