Thursday, July 30, 2009

Outside Help: Bechtel Corp.

Bechtel Corp was one of the three firms to help plan and design the additional 160 spots. according to my Q&A with the New York Department of Transportation.

The total bill was $400,000 to the add extra spaces to the existing 5-year old lot.

The privately held company is based in San Francisco and has 44,000 employees. It's proprietor, Riley Bechtel, is the 261st richest man in the world according to Forbes. It is the largest engineering firm in the U.S.* and the 7th largest privately-held company in the country, also according to Forbes. Check out its sweet promotional video. I was waiting for Steven Segal to come into the scene at some point.

In its last fiscal year, revenue climbed to $31.4 billion from $27 billion in 2007, while the value of new work booked rose to $35 billion from $34.1 billion, producing the firm's sixth straight year of record total sales and third consecutive year of record bookings.

Operations in North America were responsible for 40% of earnings and 2/3 of bookings. Government contracts are a key component of its book of business. I emailed Bechtel's Mike Kidder to see how much.

Also from Forbes:
In its 110-year history, four generations of Bechtel family members have been engaged in projects in civil infrastructure, power, petrochemicals, telecommunications and government services. Notable jobs completed by Bechtel include the Channel Tunnel connecting England and France; Jubail Industrial City in Saudi Arabia; and Hong Kong International Airport.

*From Bechtel's website:
"That makes Bechtel the largest telecommunications engineering and construction firm in the United States, with nearly seven times the revenue of its nearest competitor."

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