Thursday, July 16, 2009

My first Survey Snub. Was the bidder muzzled by the DoT?

In order to figure out what taxpayers will be getting for their money from each bidding firm, I decided survey each of the seven firms. Here's what I sent John Difazio, proprietor of Difazio Industries on July 7, one week ago.

Hello Mr.Difazio,

I'm covering the Eltingville Transit Center park-and-ride stimulus project as a private citizen and am asking all the competing firms to answer a series of questions. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! If you would like to attach an image of yourself for the company profile that would be great.


1) You had the lowest bid at $2.3 million. Why is your bid lower than others? Why would the government go with a higher bid?
2) How old is your firm?
3) How many employees did you have on January 1, 2009? How many do you have now?
4) How many employees will be working on this project? Will you hire any?
5) How much will be spent on paying your workers for this project?
6) How much will be spent on materials?
7) Do you do a lot of work for the government? How many projects in total?
8) If you are awarded the project, when do you expect to begin and to finish?

So I check in 2 days ago:

Hello John,
Can I expect answers by tomorrow afternoon?
Thank you for your cooperation.

To which he replied today, today, July 16

Unfortunately I am not able to respond to your questions until we are through the pre award process and can get clearance from the NYSDOT press agent. Sorry.

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