Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Second Bidder Completes Survey!

Michael Criscola, owner of the Crisdel Group, got back to us with some answers.

1) You had a mid-range bid at $3.04 million. Why is your bid lower or higher than others? Why would the government go with a higher bid?

Our number for this project was complete and in a better economy would more than likely have been competitive. Possibly it was higher than the low bidders to our overhead cost and the fact that we are an out of state contractor. The government would only go with a higher bid if the lower bid(s) were incomplete, that scenario is rare.

2) How old is your firm?

40 years

3) How many employees did you have on January 1, 2009? How many do you have now?

45 – 110. For our industry a better dates to compare would be July 08 vs July 09. We are a seasonal business, especially when asphalt is involved. January is most often are lowest payroll month, it’s a poor bench mark to use. [We had] 120 at our peak last year.

4) How many employees will be working on this project? Will you hire any?

8-30 at any one time, including our subcontractors. Yes we would have had to hire some workers.

5) How much will be spent on paying your workers for this project?

$1,200,000. +/- including our subcontractors cost.

6) How much will be spent on materials?

$1,300,000. +/- including our subcontractors cost.

7) Do you do a lot of work for the government? How many projects in total?

Yes. This year 10+ projects.

8) If you are awarded the project, when do you expect to begin and to finish?

w/ in 30 Days. Spring of 2010.

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