Thursday, July 30, 2009

Will Plan and Design Asphalt Parking Spots for $133/hr

Eight or nine New York Department of Transportation staffers and outside consultants worked on planning and designing Eltingville's additional 160 open-air asphalt parking spots, amounting to 3000 billable hours over a 16-month period, based on my Q&A with the NY Department of Transportation.

With the final bill coming to $400,000, the brains behind this project clocked an average $133 an hour during a recession. Nice work if you can get it. Since it's highly unlikely that the staffers on the project made that much, I wonder what the consultants charged.

I'm requesting details of payments made to outside firms from the New York Department of Transportation.

This may be all above the board, but the simple fact that adding 160 extra parking spots to a relatively new lot costs $400,000 in planning and $2.6 million to build still blows my mind.

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