Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eltingville's Existing Construction Project?

When I visited the Eltingville Park and Ride, I was surprised to find that a significant portion of the parking lot was already wrapped with chain link, separating it from a construction site about two football fields large. There were tractors, trucks, large mobile offices, all signs of a project in motion - but no workers. The company doing the work was Beaver Concrete Construction, one of the 7 bidding firms. Also one that is currently ignoring my calls and emails.

I spoke with a few bus drivers hanging out at transit center and none of them knew what was going on it the lot. Or where the additional spots would go.

What is going on is the existing Elingville construction site?

UPDATE from the NY DoT
"The work you see at the site now is associated with a nearby project. While we are replacing a nearby pedestrian bridge, the contractor on that job has been using the site to keep his equipment and materials, what we call a staging area. He will vacate the area in time for the park-and-ride work to begin."

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